India’s extremely unique yet nascent B2B payments industry is ready for dramatic growth. B2B transactions have come a long way from Paper to Plastic and is poised to take the next giant leap.

As we witness rapid progression of B2B payments from manual to automated systems, the value chain is throwing up challenges and making demands of Execution Excellence, Controlled Risk-taking, Innovative Distribution and Intuitive Vendor Management.

Over its rich, varied and deep understanding of B2B markets, V2p has evolved solutions that streamline challenges of supply chain efficiencies and management of vendor payments on a single platform.

We recognise the many pain points of B2B payments and offer end to end service packages backed by strong alliances facilitating suppliers and buyers to enjoy increased cash flow without straining their working capital.

We act as a catalyst with a closed loop system streamlining vendor network, transaction data, remittances, reconciliations and a reporting system measuring efficacy. All our products are driven by regulatory, statutory and contractual, core to B2B markets unlocking value streams in the rapidly emerging B2B payments markets.


V2p moves beyond transactions and brings in a system in India first, which leads to economic empowerment for the enterprise.